Marlborough Primary School

‘Bright Minds, Bright Futures’

Curriculum Statement of Intent:

At Marlborough Primary School, our curriculum has been developed so that it is:

Nurturing, Engaging and Inspiring.  It provides all pupils with a rich curriculum that develops their curiosity and interests. The curriculum is well-sequenced and ensures knowledge and skills are built on previous understanding. Pupils are engaged with their learning and are given meaningful experiences in which to build their knowledge on. Our curriculum is well-thought out and reflects the needs of our children and of the world around us.

We believe maths and literacy skills are the heart of the curriculum and therefore we instill a love of reading and writing and a good understanding of maths within real life contexts.  It is every child’s entitlement to be able to read with fluency, understand texts and be able to do mathematical fluency so that it unlocks learning in all areas of the curriculum. This ensures they are equipped  with the relevant key skills and problem solving abilities to progress in their next stage of learning and into their chosen career.

We ensure we cover world topics along with local themes so that the children are able to think, wonder and dream big. They are able to reflect upon their experiences in the local community and know how we work together to make a difference.  We teach the children about tolerance and understanding of others, so that they are ready for a world of diversity. Our RHE curriculum ensures there are no limitations to their success and goals and they will leave us as confident global citizens ready for any challenge. 

Our curriculum, is personalised to the needs of our pupils and structured in a way that can be adapted to meet the needs of all our pupils, especially those who are disadvantaged and those with SEND. It is flexible enough to adapt to the local context and our pupils’ needs, and where necessary targeted support will be provided to address gaps in knowledge, experiences and skills.

We believe that every child deserves the very best education and opportunities to thrive. We have Marlborough Learning Powers, ‘The 5 R’s (Risk-taking, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Relationships) which we feel represent the skills our children develop through their time with us.  These Learning Powers will ensure they are ready for their next stage in education and they will then have ‘Bright minds, Bright Futures’ with every opportunity available to them.


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