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Early Years

This page is specifically for sharing important message and information with Early Years parents and carers. Alternatively you may wish to check our dedicated Facebook page for additional information: 

A few helpful websites you can use with your children at home during this time: username: march20 password: home. Please focus on Phase 1/2 and 3 activities. Lots of fun, interactive, activities for children.


Joe Wicks daily PE session-

Oxford Owl- free ebooks-

Oak Academy- daily lessons for children-


We will continue to update websites and activities regularly.

For today's task we challenge you to draw or make an obstacle course. Can you come up with a set of instructions to follow and complete the course? Remember to balance and move in a variety of ways.
Once made, challenge your family to have a go too!

Miss Taylor read us a lovely story about planting beans yesterday. We love to plant seeds and beans in our allotment at school. Mrs White planted seeds yesterday from some peppers she had in the fridge at home. Could you plant some seeds or beans at home too? You could use seeds from any fruit or, if you have any old potatoes that have started to sprout, you could even plant those! I wonder how tall they might grow before we're all back at school again? Don't forget they'll need lots of sunlight and you'll need to water them regularly to help them to grow.

We know from talking to you that lots of the children are struggling to understand why they can't go to school or see their friends. Miss Laverick found this story that might help. 

Today marks the start of 'The Big Pedal'. Had we been at school we would have encouraged you to pedal your bike or scooter to school but instead today during your exercise hour why not get out on your bikes and scooters and join in!

We bet that you have created lots of recycling waste while you've been staying safe at home! Can you use your empty boxes and containers to make a junk model? Be as creative as you can then once finished and dry, share your creation in the comments section.

Children in Reception have started to learn to read tricky 'red' words. These are words that can't be sounded out to read them. Can you see how many you can read in the 'Tricky word trucks' game? Try Phase 2 words first.

During your active time today have a go at hopping like a bunny rabbit. Can you hop/jump over a line on the path? How many hops can you do in a row? Count as you hop and challenge yourself by hopping on one foot only. It's harder than it looks!

Continuing with our Easter theme why not have a go at making an Easter card? Decorate the front with an Easter theme of your choice. Once dry carefully write a message inside. Be sure to write who it is to and who it is from.

Good morning everyone! As it is almost Easter, we would usually be decorating boiled eggs at school this week. We thought it would be a nice idea if you could still do this at home. First, can you draw a design of your egg in your book? What will it be? A book character? A superhero? A patterned egg? Write the name of your egg at the top of your page then label your design with the different materials you plan to use. We'd love to see photographs of your design and finished egg on here!

Also, don't forget your daily tasks such as writing your name, reading, and keeping fit with Joe Wicks and Supermovers!

Fun with Spot is a great website that your child can access for free games activities and stories. You can even have a go at creating your own story with Spot and his friends! Take a look using the following link:

We came across this great collection of 100 ideas of things to do indoors. Which ones might you do? Perhaps you could work your way through them and do a couple each day?

A brand new website for schools called Oak Academy was launched yesterday to support home learning.They are publishing work each day for each year group in Maths, Literacy and Foundation subjects. Their Literacy focus for Nursery and Reception this week is 'The Three Little Pigs'. The Literacy lessons begin each day with teaching phonics in a similar way to how we teach it at school.
Some of the activities for this week look fun. Let us know if you use it and tell us what you think.…

As well as 'Dough Disco' we also enjoy 'Squiggle While you Wiggle'. This activity is great for developing your gross motor skills and movements.
Watch the short clip then have a go yourself! You'll need pencils/crayons, a large piece of paper (the ground outside and chalk would be great) and some music. Play your favourite track and have a squiggle while you wiggle!

*Number challenge!*
Ask your adult to shout out a random number while you retrieve the right amount of objects. e.g. If your adult shouts out the number 3, you go and find 3 objects from your home as quick as you can!
Check your amounts carefully and correct them where necessary.
To push yourself further ask your adult to hold up a number for you to read rather than shout it out.
Ready, Steady, go.....

Good morning everyone! We hope you've had a lovely Easter break and had fun staying safe with your families at home. We're looking forward to sharing lots more fun activities with you. Let's start this morning with our song of the week. This week we'd love it if you could learn 'I can sing a rainbow'. Maybe you could also learn the makaton signs that Mr Tumble is using too? We'd love to see your videos on our Early Years Facebook page at the end of the week!

Often, after we've been away from school for a couple of weeks, we write/draw about what we have done. Can you draw a picture in your book of something you have done and write about it? Perhaps you got lots of chocolate eggs? Maybe you've been playing games in your garden or been for some lovely walks with your family? Most children in Reception should be able to write a sentence or two with some help. Remember to leave a finger space between each word. We'd love to see photographs of your drawings and writing on our Early Years Facebook page!

At school we do Read Write Inc (RWI) for our phonics teaching. Children in Reception, and some of our Nursery children, have been learning set 1 sounds and using these to read and write words.
RWI have a YouTube channel where they have a live session for Nursery and Reception from 9.30am each day. The previous lessons are also on the page for you to look at too.…/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ/featured 

We really like this idea for all the family to complete! This is a time for family to be together and why not make something to remember?

Follow the simple salt dough recipe
Each member places their hand in the dough before cooking it (even your pets can be involved)

Thank you so much for the photographs you have been sharing with us of you completing the activities, seeing your faces makes us all smile! We miss you and hope you’re staying safe. We have put together a little video for you so that you can see us too, we hope it makes you smile! Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can all be back in school together again. Stay safe everyone

Today's task is all about numbers. Can you muddle up the number cards from your home learning pack then place them out in the correct order? Next ask your adult to hide a number at a time, can you identify which number is missing from the line? If you're feeling extra confident why not write the numbers in your book!?
This is a great way for you to practice your counting skills and develop your number recognition.

Have a go at this fun, active, task! Using the letters from your name follow the instructions next to each letter to create your own personal workout. You could always try using letters from the names of your friends and family too!

If you have the ingredients in your house you might like to make some playdough at home with your grown up, just like we do at school. Or perhaps you have your own pot of playdough at home? Shonette Bason-Wood, the founder of Playdough disco, has her own Youtube channel where you can join in with dough disco every day!